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  • 1098

    In Domesday book, the name of the village is given as Papeuuorde, of Pappa’s Enclosure.  The population was listed as just 19 people.  The village lies on the ancient Roman road, Ermine Street, which links London and York; Papworth is 53 miles from London.

  • 1810

    Charles Madryll Cheere builds Papworth Hall, a fashionable new home for his family, in the middle of a large farming estate.  The architect is George Byfield, who designs the house in a Classical style.

  • 1896

    Papworth Hall and estate is bought by rich company promotor, Ernesth Terah Hooley, and refurbished in lavish style, for the entertainment of his wealthy investors.  He also tries to establish a model farm.

  • 1918

    In February, the first patients arrive at Papworth Hall, under the guidance of Dr Pendrill Varrier-Jones.  From small beginnings at the Knoll cottage in the nearby village of Bourn from 1916, Varrier-Jones has a vision of a large settlement for the long-term rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients and raises money to purchase the Papworth estate.

  • 1926

    The construction of Papworth Village Hall begins, to a design by HH Dunn the County Architect, and built by the Papworth Industries building department, staff by Papworth patients.  The building becomes the centre of the community, welcoming Mrs Patrick Campbell and her theatrical company in 1924, and later followed by BBC radio star Wilfred Pickles and his ‘Have a Go’ show in the 1950s.

  • 1948

    On 5th July, the treatment blocks of Papworth Village Settlement are passed to the newly formed National Health Service.  This is the origin of Papworth Hospital.

  • 1957

    Papworth Village Settlement extends the principal of supporting people into independent living to those with a wide range of disabilities.

  • 1958

    Open heart surgery is undertaken at Papworth Hospital for the first time by a team led by surgeon Mr Ben Milstein, using the artificial hyperthermia technique. Just two years later the first operation using a heart-lung bypass machine takes place.

  • 1979

    The first successful heart transplant in the UK is carried out at Papworth Hospital by surgeon Mr Terence English.  The patient, Keith Castle, lives for a further five and half years.

  • 1986

    The world’s first heart, lung and liver transplant is carried out at Papworth Hospital.

  • 2010

    Papworth Heritage Centre opened on the hospital site on 24th March, to coincide with World TB Day.