Our Project

In February 2012, a new community engagement project began at the Heritage Centre to capture memories of life in Papworth.  A Heritage Project Officer working alongside a volunteer team will record the memories of forty people who have lived, worked or been treated in the village.

Our project is called Voices from the Village of Hope, which is taken from Dr Pendrill Varrier-Jones’ vision for Papworth Village Settlement, whereby patients would receive treatment for tuberculosis, and find a hopeful future in the village through a secure job and decent housing for their families.

This two-year project is a partnership between Papworth Hospital Charity, Papworth Trust and Papworth Everard Parish Council.  It has been made possible with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, through a grant of £46,500 from the ‘Your Heritage’ scheme.

As Papworth continues to grow, it is even more important than ever that we gather the stories about how people lived in Papworth in the past. We have already started our interview programme, and you can find extracts by clicking on the ‘Our Voices’ page.