Discover some of the fascinating history of Papworth Everard through the photographs in the Papworth Heritage Centre collection.  More information on the history of the village can also be downloaded in our PDF resources section.

Community buildings

The Scout Hut and Village Hall on a coloured postcard, c.1930.  © Papworth Heritage Centre   

Huts at South Park

Huts for TB patients at South Park, c.1930. © Papworth Heritage Centre

South Park hut

TB patients relaxing in a hut in South Park at Papworth Village Settlement, 1940s.  © Papworth Heritage

Treatment for TB

A demonstration of artificial pneumo- thorax, a common treatment for tuberculosis, at Papworth in the 1930s.  © Papworth

Papworth Surgical Block

Surgeon Mr Nelson performing surgery at Papworth Village Settlement, c. 1935.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth Hospital

Surgeon Mr Christopher Parish and nursing staff are pictured with a patient, c.1960.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth Hospital

A patient is given information on his new pacemaker, c.1965.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Bernhard Baron Hospital

Patients and staff pictured on the balcony of Bernhard Baron Hospital.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth Village Settlement

The recreation room in Macfarlane Grieve house, 1970s.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth School group

Group of children photographed at Papworth School, c.1928.   © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth School group

A group of children at Papworth School celebrate a wedding party, c.1930.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Staff & patients

Two nurses at Papworth Village Settlement are photographed with two of their patients.  © Papworth Heritage Centre 

Papworth School group

Papworth School children in fancy dress costume, c.1928.  © Papworth Heritage Centre