Papworth Heritage Centre is open to all patients, their visitors and staff, plus anyone interested in the history of the village. Our displays contain a range of objects and photographs telling the story of Papworth Everard and the people who have lived and worked here.

Cardiac pacemaker

To provide regulated electrical impulses to stimulate the contraction of the heart muscles to provide sufficient rate

Blue glass sputum bottle

Used by TB patients to cough sputum into.  The sputum was regularly tested. Contact with sputum could spread

Volunteer badge

Awarded to Mrs Joan Parish for her dedicated service to Papworth Village Settlement.

Papworth suitcase, 1954

Thousands were made at Papworth Industries, many of which were issued to servicemen by the armed

Memorial Prize medal

Awarded to W Mitchell in 1930 for the German Sims Woodhead Memorial Prize in 1930.

Collecting box

The campaign ‘It Might Be You’ began in 1935 to accompany a special Papworth film shown at cinemas nationwide. 

Maxwell Box

Used to produce artificial pneumothorax by inserting air into the TB patient’s chest.  It was a common treatment

Papworth tea

Packets of Papworth tea were sold at the Village Stores.  It is said the tea was specially blended to

Cottage plaque

Housing for TB patients and their families were funded by donations from the wealthy.  Sir Humphry Rolleston

Stott Apparatus

Used to produce artificial pneumothorax by inserting air into the patient’s chest to collapse the lung. This

Patient’s Embroidery

Made by Walter Tiller, a TB patient in 1921.  Embroidery was a popular way to pass the time on bed-rest.